Derma Dream

Durma Dream 5ML, roll on blue bottle. Full spectrum Cannabis aid for the skin and lips. No oil, vegetable glycerin  infused. Apply to clean skin for arthritis, skin cancer, dermatitis,brown spots, insect bites, sun damaged skin, softer lips, lab tested, rosacea, acne surgery scars and more

Pet Meds

Full spectrum cannabis, low dose, infused pet medicines. Dairy butter, brown rice flour, chicken or beef flavors all tasty for: aging pets, arthritis, no appetite, calming, any surgery, pain, anxiety, sick pets, bug bites and more...

Peanut Bud'r

MML Peanut Bud'r. coconut infused, full spectrum cannabis indica dominate. 4oz jar with 4-5 servings. VEGAN AND GLUTEN FREE, high protein. Recommended for medical, sports and entertainment. Infuse your own recipes with this product, sauces, cookies, salad dressing and a lot more...

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Fudge Brownies

The most coveted product is MaMa Leary’s famous, thick and cakey Triple CBD Fudge Brownies. Indica-infused and heavily sedative, patients have called MaMa Leary an angel upon delivering this delicious relief for their debilitating conditions. They are full spectrum cannabis infused with coconut oil. High in THC MG ave 300 mg per 3x3 brownie. can be split in fours. 

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Pot Corn and Cali Checks Mix

Pot Corn, make a request to keep most fresh. This product was featured in Culture Magazine 2010...


Cali Chili Cheks Mix: a salty treat. Full spectrum cannabis infused. Tired of sweet try this salty fix... 

MML Cookies

Black and White: White Chocolate Chips for the Chocolate Lover

Peanut Budr: Regular Cookie, Creamy and great for picnics and sports events. No one will know you're eating cannabis.

Chocolate Chip: Classic Chocolate Chip Cookie. Chewy and Delightful. 

Snicker Doodle: Rolled in Cinnamon for that extra brain boost.

All cookies are Sativa Cookies. "On the go" do projects, clean the garage.   

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