MaMa Leary's

A Medical Cannabis and Consulting Company

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Welcome to Mama Leary's... The Original Wake n' Bake... MaMa Leary’s edibles are tested for purity and potency through Cannalysis Labs, Southern California’s premiere marijuana testing laboratory. MaMa Leary’s products are quantified and qualified for THC Acid, delta9-THC, CBD, and CBN. MaMa Leary’s Edibles and Consulting is proud to work with Elements of Nature and continues to serve the marijuana community of Orange County. MaMa Leary has had a longstanding relationship with cannabis of 50-years. She is part of Orange County NORML, an organization dedicated to reforming marijuana laws. MaMa Leary’s is grateful for the years spent and lives touched by medical cannabis. The MaMa Leary’s brand is excited to continue partnering and networking with the marijuana community to accomplish a healthier and happier society.

   Medical Marijuana Edibles

      for People and our Pets by                       Mama Leary's

"I met Professor Timothy Leary in the late 60's and early 70's in Laguna Canyon. I was brought to his house by some of my hippy friends, blazing on LSD. Professor Leary had invented the drug. He gave me an edible (brownie) to mellow the experience. At that time the edibles had the whole product in it, seeds, stems and bud... It was hard to eat, but I never forgot the experience. The name, MaMa Leary, is a carry over of my hippy days, smoking cannabis............."