No cannabis edible is more authentic than MaMa Leary’s marijuana edibles. Handmade by the longstanding cannabis advocate Mama Leary herself, she’s spent the last 12 years literally waking and baking. Due to numerous surgeries and being unable to smoke high volumes of flowers, MaMa Leary began crafting a sweet treatment infused with marijuana to aid her conditions. The result: a super-potent line of marijuana-infused edibles created with care and love then baked to perfection.

Before launching MaMa Leary’s as a cannabusiness, she offered her cannabis treats to friends. They prompted her to take her products to a collective as a legitimate weed brand. While producing medical marijuana edibles for awhile, she took a two-year sabbatical after seeing close friends being raided and prosecuted due to changing regulations in the California marijuana industry. Seeing the enormous leaps of progress made in the cannabis industry, and watching Women Grow blossom into a full-fledged business empowering women everywhere, she knew it was time to return.

The MaMa Leary’s brand was named after psychologist, author and marijuana advocate Dr. Timothy Leary, as MaMa Leary enjoyed (kind of - they put the whole flower in back then, stems and all) her first pot-brownie at his house. MaMa Leary’s edibles are truly medical grade, packing a potency that would make any cannabis micro-doser blush.

MaMa Leary’s edibles are not for the faint of heart, as her products pack a potent punch ideal for seasoned cannabis users or patients battling severe pain. MaMa Leary’s edibles are baked with medical cannabis using multiple infusion methods. A mixture of any one of MaMa Leary’s specially formulated, homemade cannabudder, including THC  infused coconut oil and soy oil, whole grain 100 proof alcohol, and glycerine extracts, lend her products their  pot-powered potency.

Their most coveted product is MaMa Leary’s famous, thick and cakey Triple Fudge Brownies. Indica-infused and heavily sedative, patients have called MaMa Leary an angel upon delivering this delicious relief for their debilitating conditions. Another hot item of theirs is Cookie-On-The-Go, which are Sativa-infused for an energizing and cerebral experience. MaMa Leary’s Cookie-On-The-Go edibles come in Peanut Bud’r, Oatmeal Raisin, Black & White, Snicker Do’s and Chocolate Chip. Vegan or Gluten-free patients can find their fix with MaMa Leary’s Peanut Bud’r, available in 4oz jars, providing 4-5 servings of high-potency medical cannabis. Patients that enjoy their marijuana with a movie can check out MaMa Leary’s Karmel Pot Korn, because let’s face it: popcorn is much easier to pass around than a joint.

Lab Testing:
MaMa Leary’s edibles are tested for purity and potency through Cannalysis Labs, Southern California’s premiere marijuana testing laboratory. MaMa Leary’s products are quantified and qualified for THC Acid, delta9-THC, CBD, and CBN.

MaMa Leary’s Edibles and Consulting is proud to work with Elements of Nature and continues to serve the marijuana community of Orange County. MaMa Leary has had a longstanding relationship with cannabis of 50-years. She is part of Orange County NORML, an organization dedicated to reforming marijuana laws. MaMa Leary’s is grateful for the years spent and lives touched by medical cannabis. The MaMa Leary’s brand is excited to continue partnering and networking with the marijuana community to accomplish a healthier and happier society.

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